About Us

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving in India. We are all connected today. We use Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter everyday in our life. It is projected that 75 crore Indians would be online by 2020. More and more startups are opening up everyday in India. So, Kaushal Gandhi and Bhavika Gandhi established Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd. in 2010. Over a period of time, we find that most digital marketing agencies operate on variable cost basis. And the customer was unaware of the actual cost he will have to pay. So, to become transparent in business and serve customers low cost, we became of fixed rate Digital Marketing Agency. All our services are listed online on our website. We have a fixed rate and fixed delivery time for each and every service. Customers can pay online and the work starts immediately. Services comes with a fixed delivery deadline, so there is no time delay. It becomes a Win-Win situation for our clients.

Our Mission We want to win the trust of the clients by providing dedicated, affordable and on time delivery of web and digital services. Our services should enable businesses to start, build and grow their business online at lower cost.

Our Vision We aim to be one stop web & digital marketing solution provider for SMEs & startups.

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