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Twitter Marketing

140 Characters can propel your business

Twitter is a free service that allows anyone to say almost anything to anybody in 140 characters or less. Millions are leaning on twitter pretty hard as a way to network and communicate with contacts new and old. Twitter is outfitted, like most social media tools with the ability to subscribe, share, friend or follow as many twitter feeds as you like.
What you can do on twitter?

  • Setting Up and Optimizing, Personalize Your Profile.
  • Create custom Twitter background
  • Sign Up for Twitter. Personal or a business Twitter account.
    • Company account: Represents the company as a whole. Use this type of account to:
      • Keep your customer base up‐to‐date on your events
      • Promote recent blog articles or news
      • Update your consumers about products/services
      • Give real‐time updates at conferences and events
    • Personal account: Used by an individual employee at the company. This account type is more personalized, can be used to talk about non‐company related things and is better for direct relationship building. Use this type of account to:
      • Act as a liaison to the public for your company
      • Update people on what you’re working on
      • Share tidbits about your personality
      • Expand your company’s network and make connections
  • Start Tweeting
  • Find People to Follow
  • Get People to Follow You
  • Engage With your Network
  • Track and Analyze Your Campaigns

What Ways you can use twitter in your business?

  • Using Twitter for Business
  • Use Twitter for Getting New Customers & Marketing  
  • Use Twitter for Public Relations
  • Use Twitter for Customer Service