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SEO, PPC and Social Media Case Study -

How CMC Worked with Aaris to Create Strong Online Presence

About CMC Computer Training Institute (of CMC Ltd)
The CMC Computer Training Institute is a constituent institution of Tata consultancy Services Limited. It offers IT solutions to clients both in the government and the private sector. The institute also offers various competitive training packages to ensure that as many people as possible are enlightened on the emerging trends in the computer world. It is an international institute because it has 520 non-resident locations and has employees worldwide.


Because of the versatility of its operations, CMC thought of a master plan to ensure that its mission to provide relevant computer education to all was realized. They needed to have a vital SEO campaign, a strong PPC campaign and to market themselves on Facebook. CMC thus liaised with Aaris to make sure that everything was a success.


The task wasn’t very problematic because the CMC team assigned to work with Aaris already understood the importance of the campaigns. Minor challenges stemmed up in the initial phases but were sorted once a rapport developed between all the members that were to work together.


Banked on witty PPC
Because the budget provided was not so small, Aaris set out to make every word in the PPC campaign count. Using the proven ways of PPC campaign formulation, Aaris made sure that the possibilities of clickers converting into qualified users were as many as possible.
The text on the PPC ads was written in the Aaris traditions: simple, witty, almost persuasive.


Launched a systematic SEO campaign
Aaris kicked off the operation by starting an SEO campaign making use of the most productive strategies it has been using before. Using the latest keyword generating tools, the team responsible identified the most effective keywords and made efforts to make the keywords represent the CMC site effectively on the search engines.
Content writers were given instructions on how they would write pro-SEO content, which is the biggest effort towards white hat SEO, the most fruitful SEO practice.


Boosted web presence
The CMC website was also optimized. Particular courses offered by CMC got optimized at keyword level, to ensure that as many users as possible got to the institute’s website to see the specifications of the course they wanted to take and also sample some other courses that are being offered there. Because the institute has a worldwide presence, that measure would be one of the ways through which the site got as ubiquitous as possible.


After a few months of practicing the above mentioned criteria, the results were impressive. The ROI didn’t look very encouraging in the initial months (which did not worry anybody) but after a while, it did pick up really well. Two years later, the ROI was more than 1200%.


“The experience I have had with Aaris in the last two years is just great. Our online presence has got much better, which is good for an IT institution like ours. Rarely do IT and SEO meet but I am glad they met in this case and produced fantastic results.” – Shubha Gokhale, the all-India head of CMC Education and Training.