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SEO Case Study - StyleonArtFactory.Com

How Aaris helped the Styleon Art Factory Rank Highly in Record Time

Styleon Art Factory has stayed in the interior decoration industry for a while now. It deals with majorly interior decorations, selling a range of materials that can be used to decorate the interiors of any building—be it a public place or a private one. The factory deals in tiles, and other materials that can be used to make elegant interiors. It has offered its services to a number of clients including five-star hotels and other types of posh showrooms.

Styleon decided to have web presence for their website Sanjay Jagtap, the factory’s director, was very keen on getting targeted traffic through ranking on keyword ‘Mosaic Tiles’ on Google.


ROI of SEO campaign was not well understood and there was no previous internet marketing experience in the company. To overcome this, Aaris designed a simple SEO campaign plan which was ROI focused.
After understanding Styleon’s marketing goals, Aaris developed strategy—content writing of their website, improving products display and keyword mapping to specific products.


Developed an attractive, professional web presence
Having considered the amount that the client had allocated for the campaign, Aaris formulated a strategy that would see to it that Styleon’s products got noticed not only by potential customers online but also by search engines.
Aaris made all efforts to ensure that the client’s website was pleasant to look at. This is usually the first step towards optimizing any web page because it in turn increases the time people spend on the site, which increases conversion rates in the long run.
To further boost the web presence, Aaris ensured that the images that the Styleon Art Factory used to advertise its products were top-notch. The end result was a spectacular site that was user-friendly and of high quality.


Built and launched a highly targeted SEO campaign
Aaris embarked on an SEO campaign that would ensure that almost all the terms that users would be likely to use as they searched for its products were taken into consideration. Using its strategies that had produced great results before, Aaris ensured that titles, tags and the content of the SEO material written would achieve the desired results.
Part of the campaign included linking out with some influential bloggers and social media practitioners. The Aaris team that worked on the project understood that search engine algorithms keep changing their rules and it would thus be good to ensure that all means of optimizing the relevant keywords were put in practice. Equally, the factory’s blog was re-conditioned to ensure that there was quality content as well as proper keyword targeting.


Some weeks into the execution of the strategy, it was noticeable that Styleon Art Factory was doing very well on the organic results. In effect, the number of unique visitors rose by an impressive 225% within such a short time.
In equal proportions, the returns on investment (ROI) realised by Styleon was 103% within the initial months of the campaign. Because the percentage keeps rising with time, the projected long-term ROI might go up to ten times the one realised on the initial days.  “This is something spectacular,” noted Sanjay Jagtap, the Styleon director.