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PPC Case Study -

Princeton Academy's Pay-Per-Click Campaign Got a Major Boost with the Intervention of Aaris

"I am very pleased with the collaboration between Princeton Academy and Aaris. Aaris has helped us further our diversification programme." -- Vikas Arora, Princeton Academy Director.


Set up in 1997, Princeton Academy Mumbai II has carried out training sessions to numerous people across India. The sessions are usually designed to address the contemporary issues in the Indian business sector. Participants register in advance for seminars and workshops, where they get informed of the best practices to help improve their skills, competencies and personalities. After training, the attendants get certificates of participation and reading materials.
The academy decided to improve its presence online so as to reach out to more clients throughout India. It enlisted the help of Aaris in this endeavour, with a modest budget in hand. The academy’s website needed to get optimal traffic, what Aaris promised to help achieve.


Despite the fact that the marketing section of Princeton Academy had some sufficient information regarding online marketing, the academy’s management had not given their online presence much consideration. The Aaris team that had been assigned that task explained the value of an effective online campaign from the very onset. An effective PPC strategy was launched since the management wasn’t ready for a SEO campaign.


Robust PPC strategy
Having conducted a rough PPC audit of the academy’s website, the Aaris team realised that there was much to get the right keywords for training & workshops related business.
In the PPC strategy formulated, Aaris put everything in place to ensure that the academy’s keyword visibility was the best it could be. The strategy aimed at maximising the ROI for the keywords which most likely to convert into inquiries. The Aaris PPC Ad writing department worked its level best to ensure that high quality Ads were written for better CTR.


Systematic optimization
Equally, the Princeton Academy’s existing website was SEO optimized in such a way that its ranking cannot shift much even when the search engines change their ranking criteria. The Aaris team did all it could to ensure that the academy’s website got the most appropriate optimization operations.
Aaris also requested the Princeton Academy management to give social media marketing a try. They promised to look into the matter when they were satisfied with the ROI of the first assignment.


After using the best PPC methods that it has successfully used before, Aaris helped Princeton achieve the rank it was looking for. The ROI was an impressive 256%! With a proper online presence, Princeton’s services got more requests, which means increased business. The academy’s director and its staff were very encouraged by the efforts of Aaris PPC Company.