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LinkedIn Marketing

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Linkedin is the world's largest social network for professionals.
Want to network and engage with contacts and businesses using LinkedIn? Wish to build a profile, providing and receiving recommendations, and manage groups? Maximizing employment and recruitment searches and extending a business's online presence.

  • Exploring Personal Profile in Linkedin
  • Reviewing work and personal experience
  • Checking current connections, groups and profile information
  • Building your profile, work experience and education
  • Making strong personal profile
  • Accepting and sending invitations and messages
  • Giving and receiving recommendations
  • Accepting automatic connection recommendations
  • Linkedin Groups
    • Selecting Groups
    • Build Memberships
    • Connecting Groups
  • Using the Tweets application to grow your network
  • Creating Business Profile
  • Using Apps
  • Getting involved with communities
    • Asking questions and getting answers
    • Engaging through group discussions and news