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Link Building Roadmap and Execution

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Link building, otherwise known as Off Page SEO is crucial to provide link weight and link value to your pages. Without link popularity (quality one way inbound links from other sites) your pages will never achieve the proper launch velocity.


But finding relevant websites that will be likely to link to you is a lot of work, and often tricky business. Most people don't even know where to start.


Link building

  1. It brings website traffic to your site from websites.
  2. It's a key component to ranking in the search engines.

Businesses can get links from sites that they may control directly or indirectly.


The search engines counts links that are natural and not controlled by users.


What's the solution Today?


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How we build links post 2010?

Market and competitive research:

  • Map the marketplace, Plan and Pick targets
  • Assemble SWAT team & create process Maps/ Workflow
  • Give people easy ways to tweet your content
  • Improve link visibility – push the SE’s to index links to your site

Relationship linking

  • Lateral keywords what kinds of content would a member of this tribe or market be writing
  • Think of topics – look at content on your partners sites
  • Content sharing sites
  • Article Distribution
  • PR & event marketing
  • Press releases can be VERY powerful – especially with a “united front” of affiliates, social media etc. Press release fall very flat unless they are tied to an event, a sale, a product release, new information being revealed.
  • The “guest blogger” search

Custom Link Building Roadmap also covers the following types of linking opportunities: 

  • Topically relevant high authority websites.
  • Social media sites such as news, bookmarking and other online communities.
  • General and niche directories.
  • Relevant blogs.
  • Topical review websites.
  • Forums that are specific to your niche.
  • Relevant eZines.
  • On-topic Newsletters.

Press Releases

  • We find the hook
  • Have summaries and text versions, and let people download it in whatever format they want (pdf, podcast etc)
  • More modes = more links
  • Repurpose the same content into the different modes (e.g. text into video)

For every link target there is a complimentary linking strategy


What we dont do

  • Slogging :- Wadding thru your competitors backlinks and trying to match them link for link. Its boring and time consuming.

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