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Facebook Marketing

Marketing on world's largest social community

Marketing campaigns have an objective, a strategy, tactics, a time frame, resources, and metrics.  What we do with Facebook business PAGES?:

  • Setting up a Facebook Page. Adding apps to the Page. Coding iframe to put interaction to the page. Focusing on getting more ‘Like’ and spread the awareness.
  • Posting photos, videos and links. Creating albums, tagging, adding and deleting friends
  • Sending notes to fans & Updating your fans
  • Promoting your Page with events & social ads depending on the strategy.
  • Promoting your Page outside Facebook
  • Measuring Page traffic and analytics
  • Creating & administering Facebook Group. Searching and joining group & posting content on the group
  • Sending inbox messages to Group members

Process plan for Facebook marketing:

  • Setting Facebook Marketing Objectives. Setting Strategy - Use social media to reach new prospects.
  • Setting Targets: E.g.  Double the number of those who Like the page and double Active Fans in Facebook Insights.
Setting Time frame:  Set the time frame to achieve the objectives.